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One Day Course in Reliability and Functional Safety Integrity

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This is an introductory course and addresses the major elements of the Technis 4 day Reliability and Functional Safety Certificate Course. In the same way as the certificate course it underpins the essential theory that is common to reliability and functional safety. The SIL concept is fully addressed but placed into appropriate context. Only objective quantified assessment is taught and rule based semi-quantitative “methods” are avoided. Reliability centred maintenance is also addressed.

08.30 Objectives and Introduction

  • Optimum Reliability/Availability
  • “Optimum” safety (ie ALARP)
  • Random v Systematic Failure hence Quantitative v Qualitative techniques 
  • Confidence in measurement and prediction
  • Growth of standards and guidance
  • Misuse of SIL

09.00 Terms and Jargon

  • Interrelationship of terms Ø Rate v probability

10.10 The Basics of Reliability Measurement

  • Constant failure rate inferences Ø Handling variable failure rate
  • Optimum replacement strategies

11.00 Break

11.15 The Basics of Reliability Assessment

  • Top event
  • Failure rate data (Field data v Hearsay v Warranty v Test) 
  • FMEA
  • Reliability Models (Fault trees and their pitfalls)
  • Optimum Spares
  • Common Cause Failure
  • Human Error quantification

12.30 Break

13.00 The Basics of Reliability Assessment continued

13.45 Establishing Safety Integrity targets

  • Basic steps in assessment
  • SIL Exercises (Targets low and high demand SIL) 
14.45 Part 2 of IEC61508 - Architectures
  • Safe Failure Fraction

15.00 Parts 2 and 3 of IEC61508

  • Life Cycle and Competence
  • Safety Plan and Safety Manual

15.30 Certification

  • Certification Bodies, Pros and Cons 15.45 Discussion

16.00 Close

Who should attend

The course is intense and requires participants to have a good level of engineering mathematics 

Course Objectives